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Cattle Crushes: Boost Efficiency With a Specialized Solution

If you're looking for new cattle handling equipment, here you will find our full range of cattle crushes, prices are listed below or available on request.

We specialise in the provision of livestock handling equipment made in the UK (using European steel) and have an extensive range of cattle crushes to choose from. Each cattle crush is hot-dip galvanized for durability.

Vets working with cattle handling equipment

The Cattle crush vet extension is the most requested item to be added to our cattle crushes. The crush is the primary worksite of the veterinarian on many farms and feedlots. All our cattle crushes have a high solid secure backing gate which slides 2 ways.

Saracen Cattle Crush(Head Bail) 

The Saracen Head Bail is a self-closing yoke which is activated by the animal’s forward movement,  adjusted too between 100 and 250mm. The vertical yoke arms help to reduce the risk of choking if the animal collapses, baffle plates to eliminates leg traps. Release handles are fitted to both sides, the operator handle assists the animal exit if required. NZ- wide, Riverdown Steel can also supply cattle hay feeders, cattle yards and farm gates for sale.

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1. What are the key benefits of using a fully hot dip galvanized cattle crushes for New Zealand farming?

The key benefits of using a fully hot dip galvanized cattle crush for New Zealand farming are remarkable. These cattle crushes are made from European steel, ensuring top quality and durability. They're perfect for the heavy-duty demands of livestock handling, saving farmers both money and time on maintenance. This specialized solution is designed with safety in mind, which is crucial when handling animals. The inclusion of a hydraulic power system offers precise pressure control, further enhancing safety. Moreover, these cattle crushes provide easy access options for farmers, making their work safer, faster, and more efficient.

2. How does hydraulic power improve cattle crushes performance and access options for farmers in New Zealand?

Hydraulic power is a game-changer when it comes to cattle crush performance in New Zealand. It ensures fast and efficient livestock handling, enhancing safety for both animals and handlers. This hydraulic system allows for precise pressure control, making it a must-have for farmers who prioritize safety during livestock handling. The versatile access options provided by these cattle crushes, including draft and check, are designed for ease of use and efficiency, which is essential for any farming job.

3. How does a fully hot dip galvanized cattle crushes improve safety and efficiency for New Zealand farmers and livestock?

A fully hot dip galvanized cattle crush is a vital component for safety and efficiency in New Zealand farming. It's built to withstand the rugged conditions of New Zealand farms while offering exceptional safety features. The hot dip galvanized coating ensures rust resistance and reduces the need for constant maintenance, saving farmers money. The inclusion of a hydraulic power system enhances safety, allowing precise control over pressure during livestock handling. Furthermore, the versatile access options make it easy for farmers to efficiently handle their livestock, ensuring a safer, easier, and more productive farming experience.

Bateman Devon Squeeze Crush

  • Unique “always locked” squeeze mechanism
  • Automatic operating head yoke
  • Full access to animal
  • Good for all sizes of animal
  • Sliding door at rear
  • Anti-slip bars and chequer plate flooring


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Weigh Platform C/W Load Bars

  • the Weigh Platform measures 2346mm long x 700mm wide x 100mm deep, with load bars capable of handling up to 2000kg of weight
  • the load bars are made of rugged steel and come with tough, waterproof connectors for accurate readings in any weather
  • the bottom feet mounting holes extend beyond the top covers, while the slotted top mounting holes fit most platform sizes

From $795+GST

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Moulded plastic scoop
  • the Superscoop features a molded plastic scoop that limits the movement of the animal's head, providing enhanced safety for both the animal and operator
  • ideal for a variety of procedures, including injecting, eye treatment, ear tagging, and implants
  • available in left or right-hand configurations, making it suitable for use with a wide range of animals


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Hoof Trimming Kit

A must for hoof trimming of cattle
  • the Hoof Trimming Kit includes adjustable front and rear winches, belly band, clips, and straps for secure and comfortable restraint of the animal
  • It comes with two front and two rear hoof blocks with ropes and loose bolt-on block housing, providing stable and safe support for the animal's hooves during trimming
  • the rear winch and strap can be used to lift the front feet of the animal, providing added flexibility in the trimming process


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