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Full Access Cattle Crush - Standard Size

Full Access Cattle Crushes - Standard Size

The full access cattle crush with a self-locking head bail.

The hinged side doors are designed to give unobstructed access to the animal's flanks. The detachable side restraint bars prevent the animal from swinging out of the crush when the side gates are open.

Features include; Self locking head bail, backing up bar facility, pallet fork lifting points. 




Full access crush with slam gate

Full Access Crush std SlamGate600

$6,950+GST | 2030mm

Full access crush with Sliding gate

Full Access Crush std SlidingGate600

$7,950+GST | 2400mm

Full access crush with Vet Extension

Full Access Crush std VetExt600

$9,950+GST | 3150mm