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Crusader Cattle Crush with Optional Hoof Trimming Kit

Crusader Cattle Crush

Hinged vet access panel built into each Head Bail leaf

The Crusader Plus Cattle Crush is now the only cattle crush in our range to feature our saloon door manually operated traditional lever-type yoke at the front of the crush.

  • Suitable for calf fostering
  • Access enables caesarean operations to be performed if required
  • Option to add foot trim kit if required

A robust cattle crush with a manually operated head bale. This crush will provide excellent service to people who do not need such features as opening side doors but still desire the build specification of a higher end crush. 

From $6650+GST 

Optional Hoof Trimming Kit


Crusader Cattle Crush open front

crusader cattle crusher th

Crusader Crush

crusader cattle crusher SlidingGate

Length: 2620mm   Width: 838mm    Height: 1900mm
Base Length: 2438mm   Internal Width: 738   Price with sliding gate $7950.00