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Saracen Squeeze Cattle Crush

Saracen Squeeze Cattle Crush

The Saracen Squeeze cattle crush features a self-closing ‘Automatic’ yoke which is activated by the animal’s forward movement. The Saracen yoke is easily adjusted allowing seven alternative yoke settings in widths

The squeeze mechanism allows cattle of varying widths to be restrained more efficiently.  These can be very helpful where it is important that the animal be restrained without moving from side to side.  Squeezing is also thought to have a calming effect on fractious stock, and will reduce bruising and the likelihood of cattle going down in the crush. Adjustable inside width of side gates is highly desirable to enable safe restraint of animals and safe operation.  The crush can be adjustable so the cattle being handled can easily pass through the crush, but have minimal room for movement once held in the crush.  The ability to safely adjust the width whilst the animal is in the crush and , especially if an animal needs to be medicated.  The range of inside width can extend from 275 mm for calves to 750 mm for large and fat cattle.

Slam gate option

Saracen Squeeze Slam Gate


Squeeze Crush with 2 way sliding gate

Saracen Squeeze Crush 02


Squeeze Crush with Extension

Saracen Squeeze Crush VetExt3



Saracen Squeeze Crush Squeezed600