From diet con trung anh thu hay riverdowsetel feeders to cattle handling equipment, sỉ áo thun giá rẻ all products are manufactured from high-grade, galvanized steel sourced from the UK and Europe. ao thun si The galvanizing process protects the final product from corrosion, chuyên bỏ sỉ áo thun both inside and out, quan ao gia si enabling the longest possible bo si ao thun working life with vòng tay gỗ trầm hương tự nhiên reduced downtime and fewer balo quang cao gia re repairs.From hay feeders to cattle handling equipment, all products are manufactured from high-grade, galvanized steel sourced from the UK and Europe. The tu lanh cu phat dat galvanizing process protects the thung carton thanh hung final product from dong phuc Atlan

Cattle Crush M1000 Squeeze

Includes crush extension
Sales price $ 15995.00
Price / kg:

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2 way sliding gate
M1000 crush - Copy (2)

Speed and ease of use

For speedy setting and releasing of the squeeze mechanism the IAE “vari-lock” system excels, taking principles applied in our flagship manual yoke, this system allows the panels to be placed (and automatically locked) in any infinitely variable position within the operating range. (Full crush width 738mm to a minimum of 260mm).

Quick Release

The panels are returned to the open position thanks to a simple lever that activates the spring loaded return mechanism, quickly and quietly allowing the animal to be released.

Linked Squeeze Action

The squeeze side panels are linked and can be operated from either side of the crush using a simple drop down handle. Minimum effort is required due to the length of the operating levers, the floating panel design and the high quality taper bearing support mechanism, which make moving the squeeze panels up to the animal exceptionally easy.

Safety Vari-Lock

No amount of sideways force by the animal will open the squeezed panels due to the use of the same vari-lock principle as the yoke. It is only reset by the spring loaded release handle.




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