From diet con trung anh thu hay riverdowsetel feeders to cattle handling equipment, sỉ áo thun giá rẻ all products are manufactured from high-grade, galvanized steel sourced from the UK and Europe. ao thun si The galvanizing process protects the final product from corrosion, chuyên bỏ sỉ áo thun both inside and out, quan ao gia si enabling the longest possible bo si ao thun working life with vòng tay gỗ trầm hương tự nhiên reduced downtime and fewer balo quang cao gia re repairs.From hay feeders to cattle handling equipment, all products are manufactured from high-grade, galvanized steel sourced from the UK and Europe. The tu lanh cu phat dat galvanizing process protects the thung carton thanh hung final product from dong phuc Atlan

Choose a purpose-built Cattle Crush - NZ importer for IAE

If you're looking for new cattle handling equipment, here you will find our full range of cattle crushes, prices are listed below or available on request.

We specialise in the provision of livestock handling equipment made in the UK (using European steel) and have an extensive range of cattle crushes to choose from. Each cattle crush is hot-dip galvanized for durability.

Vets working with cattle handling equipment

The Cattle crush vet extension is the most requested item to be added to our cattle crushes. The crush is the primary worksite of the veterinarian on many farms and feedlots. All our cattle crushes have a high solid secure backing gate which slides 2 ways.

Saracen Cattle Crush(Head Bail) – NZ supplier

The Saracen Head Bail is a self-closing yoke which is activated by the animal’s forward movement,  adjusted too between 100 and 250mm. The vertical yoke arms help to reduce the risk of choking if the animal collapses, baffle plates to eliminates leg traps. Release handles are fitted to both sides, the operator handle assists the animal exit if required. NZ- wide, Riverdown Steel can also supply cattle hay feeders, cattle yards and farm gates for sale.

NZ-delivery available at competitive shipping rates.

* All prices exclude GST.

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Crusader Cattle Crush

Hinged vet access panel built into each Head Bail leaf

Sales price: $ 4850.00
Price / kg:

Foot trimming kit

A must for foot trimming of cattle

Sales price: $ 1575.00
Price / kg:
Sales price: $ 1075.00
Price / kg:

Head Bail Self Locking

Self closing yoke design activated by the animal’s forward ...

Sales price: $ 1995.00
Price / kg:

Cattle crush Full Access /Vet Ext

Crush and Vet extension 3150mm Long

Sales price: $ 8995.00
Price / kg:

Squeeze Crush

The squeeze panels operate quickly and quietly

Sales price: $ 10750.00
Price / kg:

Cattle Crush M1000s

Ex Show display Crushes

Sales price: $ 9500.00
Price / kg:

Cattle Squeeze crush A1000

IAE’s A1000 Squeeze crush has all the features of the A1000 ...

The Economy "V" Head Bail

Simple lever operated “V” shaped yoke built into the gate

Sales price: $ 995.00
Price / kg:

Cattle Crush M1000 Squeeze

Includes crush extension

Sales price: $ 15995.00
Price / kg:

Cattle crush 2600mm Full Access

Two full height side doors on each side (hinged from each ...

Sales price: $ 5900.00
Price / kg:


2346mm long x 700mm wide x 100mm deep tray

Sales price: $ 1925.00
Price / kg:

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