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Moorland Stables 

single horse stables for sale

Riverdown Steel imports the Moorland range of horse stables from the UK. When it comes to purchasing horse stables, NZ-customers can select from layouts and horse stable designs to suit individual needs. You can complete your stable with an equally durable hay feeder or browse our range of horse farm gates for sale to manage horses throughout your property. 


Purpose-built Horse Stables (prices list below in product details)

With sizes 2970mm post centres (10ft approx)3570mm post centres, (12ft approx) 4170mm post centres (14ft approx) 

We supply a step-by-step fully-illustrated installation guide on our range of kit set horse stables to enable easy installation following each purchase.

Moorland Stables – Tried & Tested

IAE has been manufacturing livestock handling equipment and horse stables for sale for over 50 years. IAE has consolidated the most practical concepts from previous horse stable designs to produce the Moorland range of stabling and accessories.

Moorland Horse Stables, UK MADE , 4 steps to follow:

  1. Plan your stable layout.
  2. Select your stable size.
  3. Select your stable door type.
  4. Select your stable partition.

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Equestrian Moorlands Stabling

Moorland Stables

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