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2 in 1 Cattle Feed Gate

2 in 1 Cattle Feed Gate

Offers flexibility in that the gate can be opened from either end.

457mm (1'6") wide x 216mm deep x 2mm detachable Galv Steel Trough 

Very heavy duty unit comes with 4 (No) 25mm sleeved hinge eyes and 2 (No) coupling bars
Choose from 2mm thick detachable steel feed troughs (Hot Dipped Galvanised)     or detachable treated softwood feed troughs
Note: Units over 4880mm (16’0”) long will have troughs fabricated in two sections which may be of unequal length
Note: All 2 in 1 double acting gate units are approximately 305mm (12”) shorter in length than the stanchion centre to centre dimension
Fixed 2 in 1 units and single acting gate type units are available on request
Heavy duty diagonal feed fence c/w 4 (no) 25mm eyes and coupling bars

Length:   Width:    Height:

2 in 1 units with sheeted troughs 1