From diet con trung anh thu hay riverdowsetel feeders to cattle handling equipment, sỉ áo thun giá rẻ all products are manufactured from high-grade, galvanized steel sourced from the UK and Europe. ao thun si The galvanizing process protects the final product from corrosion, chuyên bỏ sỉ áo thun both inside and out, quan ao gia si enabling the longest possible bo si ao thun working life with vòng tay gỗ trầm hương tự nhiên reduced downtime and fewer balo quang cao gia re repairs.From hay Alisa feeders to cattle handling equipment, all products are manufactured from high-grade, đồ trang trí sinh nhật giá rẻ galvanized steel sourced from the UK and Europe. The tu lanh cu phat dat galvanizing process protects the final product from corrosio


About Riverdown Steel

Riverdown Steel’s owner Keith Baker and operations manager Greg Dawber have over 20 years’ experience in Agribusiness, working in cattle yards, sheep yards, large export meat companies and many years working for a well-known farm-fencing material provider, they now import state of the art solutions from IAE UK. They've learned first-hand that durable, well-made equipment can be, sometimes literally, make or break on the farm. Whether you’re a lifestyle farmer or running a large scale commercial farm, Greg strikes a natural rapport with farmers and will talk on your level to find a workable solution.

About IAE

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Riverdown Steel proudly imports products from IAE, the UK's leading manufacturer in livestock handling equipment. For over 40 years, IAE has been developing durable award winning products, unrivalled experience and modern production techniques combine to deliver quality that is built to last for a long time. Founded by Frank Klucznik Snr in 1969, IAE remains a family owned organisation held in high regard within the agricultural and equestrian sectors across the globe. To know more visit

Why Choose Riverdown Steel?

Responsive service

To reduce the stress and uncertainty involved in purchasing and installing equipment, advice and support is just a phone call or email away.

Smart Design

Our imported products are made by IAE, the UK’s leading livestock handling manufacturer. Throughout IAE’s over 40-year history, these products have been refined and tested for ease of use, safety and durability.

Quick turnaround

Agricultural equipment when you need it. With stock on-hand at our Rolleston site, your order can be delivered NZ-wide in as little as four days at competitive shipping rates.

Product Longevity

The high-quality, European-made steel and robust hinges used in our products improve resistance from daily wear and tear, resulting in less frequent repairs and replacements.

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