From diet con trung anh thu hay riverdowsetel feeders to cattle handling equipment, sỉ áo thun giá rẻ all products are manufactured from high-grade, galvanized steel sourced from the UK and Europe. ao thun si The galvanizing process protects the final product from corrosion, chuyên bỏ sỉ áo thun both inside and out, quan ao gia si enabling the longest possible bo si ao thun working life with vòng tay gỗ trầm hương tự nhiên reduced downtime and fewer balo quang cao gia re repairs.From hay feeders to cattle handling equipment, all products are manufactured from high-grade, galvanized steel sourced from the UK and Europe. The tu lanh cu phat dat galvanizing process protects the thung carton thanh hung final product from dong phuc Atlan

Farm Gates 

Riverdown Steel's farm gates are offered in a choice of sizes and 2 styles ideal for dairy farming, sheep and prime cattle farming.These farm gates are 1143mm high and hot-dip galvanized steel

Our cattle yard gates (NZ-imported from IAE) are designed specifically for handling and penning duties. These can be used alongside cattle handling equipment and cattle hay feeders to support safe, efficient livestock handling on your farm.The continental cattle yard gates are available in a range of lengths with either 5 or 6 rails. Delivery is available on all cattle yard gates and farm gates, NZ-wide.

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Farm Gates and Cattle Yard Gates

BSN Gudgeons

20mm X275mm Through Post Gudgeons

Big Bar Plus Gate

Our top quality field gate has been upgraded. The Big Bar ...

Sales price: $ 295.00
Price / kg:

Half Meshed Gate

A quality field gate

Sales price: $ 245.00
Price / kg:
Sales price: $ 965.00
Price / kg:

Continental Cattle Yard Gates

Continental Cattle Yard gates are a range of exceptionally ...

Sales price: $ 385.00
Price / kg:

7 Railed Farm Gate

These gates are manufactured to the highest of standards

Sales price: $ 215.00
Price / kg:

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